Customized Software Solutions for Your Business

We’ll build you robust and effective software applications so you can run your business more efficiently. 

Our Solutions

Systems Integration

Every business relies on the functionality of several systems which each play a specific role in the organisation. Ocom Software increases the productivity of businesses by streamlining these systems and integrating them seamlessly together.

For example:

  • Integrating accounting software with CRM’s
  • Creating a custom interface to Xero or Saasu
  • Importing data from legacy systems to new systems
  • Connecting disparate systems between businesses

Document Management System

Speed, accuracy, accessibility and efficiency are all key to the success of your business and staying ahead of the competition.

When you initially begin to build your own empire everything starts on paper and then converts to forms once you know what is needed. These forms are the foundation of the systems and procedures that hold your business together.

There are also the necessary government forms such as the ISO 9000 Quality documentation and depending on your industry, there may be a governing body that requires particular forms to be completed.

Why Work With Ocom Software?​

Reduce Paperwork

Transform traditional and time consuming paper based processes into secure and collaborative forms that are easy to use and can be instantly retrieved.

Increase Profitability

Managing customer data using a custom database and tracking KPI’s with tailored reporting software that increases over all business profitability.

Improved Productivity

Tailored solutions integrating current business systems into customised software processes to increase the productivity of your business.

Want to make the most out of your existing software or system?

Our Proven & Effective Process

What Our Customers Say About Us​

Ocom has been a huge help in growing our business! Scott designed and developed a software program that suited our company, Buds to Blooms, perfectly. Nothing was too difficult for Scott. I highly recommend Scott to any business.
Roe Clapman
Director, Buds to Bloom
We engaged OCOM to provide a customised platform to simplify the process of broadcasting pertinent information to residents using a web server and user interface. The project brief was signifact, but well simplified by the OCOM team. The concept brief to completion process was well documented and delivered ahead of our expectations with a user friendly and self explanatory web interface that has been trouble free and readily adaptable to various client requirements.
Karl J Groves
Geelong Satellite
We are fortunate to have the Ocom Team working with us on our online system. It can be a challenge to verbalise your IT needs, when this is not your area of expertise however our experience has been enhanced by Scott’s ability to hear, analyse and suggest solutions in common language that assists us to make decisions.
Managing Director, SurfCoast Shire
When it comes to choosing a strategic partner, we are very fussy. Ocom, made the choice easy for us - a customer focused company that delivers an exceptional customer experience every time.
Jurgen Strauss