Job Management System

Simplify your task, job, and staff management with
Ocom Software.

You don’t have to worry about tracking all the moving parts of your business. With our job management system, you’ll be able to manage your time, resources, cost, and profitability on every job. Make the most out of our seamless workflow management in just a few taps on your screen.

One place for all your job information = Seamless and Convenient Workflow

Job Overview

Track and record all your job details in one single platform. Now, you can access all your jobs and everything you need to know about them in a few seconds.



Task Manager

Plan efficiently by allocating staff to tasks. Your staff can access to do lists, due dates, and estimated time of completion so they know what they have to work on and for how long.



Efficient Work Schedule

Our system will allow you to assign start and finish dates for all the jobs and every task under each job. This will allow you to create an efficient work schedule to manage your staff capacity and easily meet your milestones. You can also adjust all deadlines, dates, and milestones accordingly in a few clicks.

Recurring Jobs and Tasks

Automatically create new jobs and tasks in your manager on repeat. You can create recurring tasks and jobs with a new job name, job category, template, state, description, start and end dates, and assigned staff. This will help you cut your admin time so you can focus on managing your jobs.


Meet All Your Deadlines

Keep track of your deadlines easily with a detailed dashboard of all your jobs.

One Place for your Files and Notes

Organizing your system is easy when you have everything you need in one place. Our Job Management System provides a place to store all your files and notes so everyone in your team can find them easily. No more time wasted on looking for documents!  Now, you can access everything in just a few clicks. 


Check your Staff Capacity

Assign tasks to your staff effectively with an easy overview of your staff capacity. This feature will let you know what your staff have on their plate so you can allocate and assign tasks more efficiently. This will ensure that there will be no overloads and gaps in your upcoming work schedule.


Customized Solution

Each business is different and has its own needs. So here at Ocom, we make sure that all software that we create will serve our customers  and meet their needs.


 Need a hand with your job management? Send us a message now and let’s talk about how we can help you create a better, more efficient system.