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Why Work with us?

Are you looking to improve your reporting and work processes? Then the best time to start is now!

Custom Software could be the answer.

We have the ABSOLUTE PASSION to provide the best solution you can afford. We guarantee it will work, is safe and is secure and we are able to explain it in a language you’ll understand.

Ocom Software are your experts in Software Development and Electronic Forms.  We have a creative mind and great passion to find better ways for businesses to use their computers in more efficiently and achieve excellent profitability.

We are outcome-focused. We use our industry knowledge to find the solution that achieves the best results for our clients.




What can we do for you?

Ocom Software focus on utilising their extensive IT knowledge to provide the most efficient online solution tailored to your unique business goals and needs.

Capable of completing simple transitions such as reducing your paperwork by taking all your forms online, through to the more complex database management processes. Regardless of the size of the problem you have they will provide a cost effective, quality solution.



Who Is Ocom Software


Scott Warren, Efficiency Architect

Ocom Software

Ocom Software live and breathe software development, electronic forms and database management systems. We thrive on finding solutions that are as unique to us as our clients are unique to the industries they work in.

We are renowned nationally, for taking complex problems and frustrating processes, and turning them into streamlined efficient systems that are easy and enjoyable for the end user and increase your business productivity and profitability.

The team at Ocom Software take the time to listen and get to know your business to determine the most efficient and cost effective solution that is going to work for 100% of what you want to achieve.

Our customers enjoy working with us because, although we are geeks to the core, we have the rare ability to talk in a language we can all comprehend. That makes us the buffer for you between getting the technical done and understanding how it works.

We stand by our work and guarantee to continue to work on the project and fix any issues until it works for you. So you’ll never be left in the dark with Ocom on your team.

Our Mission

To be the go to software specialists for providing quality efficient business solutions to substantially increase business your profitability.

Our Story

Ocom started back in 2003 when the owner of business, Scott Warren, started contracting to a number of businesses. Over the years the business grew on a steady stream of referrals from highly satisfied customers, to where it is today.

The name Ocom is also their guarantee, the name is derived from two latin prefixes Ob (sometimes written as Oc) and com joined together to form Ocom. The prefix Ob as in Obtuse, Obese and Oblong can also be written as Oc and means Exceeding.

The suffix com as in Complete can be used for mean Quality therefore the name Ocom means Exceeding Quality.

Exceeding Quality was always the philosophy of what Ocom does, we like to deliver a solution that is better than your expectations. We always build our solutions with your future in mind. We love it when our client asks for a change and we can quickly add it in with a few clicks or they ask for a small feature that we have anticipated because we know they will need it in the future.

We have evolved to focus on building e-fficient business, while we still have the same passion for exceeding your expectations, our aim is to build a system that is an important part of your business growth and success.

When we meet new clients or talk to our long term clients about new projects, we like to ensure there is going to be a measurable benefit to your business from our solution. We believe an investment on software should have a measurable ROI.

Our Values

  • E-fficiency - We believe there is always a better way to use technology to make a process more efficient. We would rather spend 1 hour coding a solution that 2 hours doing it manually because one day that 2 hours will be wasted again.
  • Consistency - We believe consistency leads to simplicity if the system works in a consistent manner then it's much easier to use and therefore more efficient
  • Simplicity - We are always looking for the simplest solution. In our experience the simplest answer is ALWAYS the best . This is evident in our screen design and how we talk with our clients.
  • Together - We know we are in this together. When we partner with you, your success is important to us because your success is our success. We want to celebrate your success with you. (We selfishly want to also a be a part of that success).
  • Improving - Technology changes all the time and we work hard to make sure we are using the very best technology for your need at the time. We are always looking for new and better ways for our clients.

What Our Customers Say