Our Process

Ocom Software Process

We follow a standardized process for every project - one we've developed over years of working with clients just like you and projects just like yours.  Here's the thing - this works.  If you like what you see here, then we are likely a good fit for one another!


In the Analysis Phase we work with you to really discover how your business works and what we can do to assist you to make your business more e-fficient.

We listen to your needs and desires and discuss your requirements in great detail so we can be sure not to miss anything. Our Discovery meetings take about 1-2 hours and it usually takes 2-3 meetings to do a thorough analysis. We get as much information as we can at each meeting and as you start thinking about what you do, you will find that more information comes up, so we end up needing a second meeting to get more details. There will also be a number of questions that we need to clarify as we start writing up the Blueprint.

Efficiency Blueprint

In this phase we present our ideas on how we can help make your business more e-fficient. We take all the information from our meetings and our years of experience and come up with a solution that fits your budget.

We also design a solution that has the future in mind. We find out what the future for your business might be so we can build a system that makes it easy to add on that future. We are looking to build a system that will grow with you as your needs change.

At the end of this step you will have a documented solution and an estimate on the cost of development.


In this step we take our blueprint much like an Architect’s drawings and build your system.

This part of the process can take a long time. Some parts of the system are easily constructed but some parts take a lot of testing (by us) and fine tuning. We work really hard to build an unbreakable system.

This is the part of the process that everyone thinks is important but it’s really the Previous two steps that create the most value. Without a solid blueprint the development can take a lot longer.


This is the part where we open the doors to you and ask you to try out your new system. We are with you all the way and we actively try and respond to issues as soon as we can so you can keep testing. We will respond as quickly as we can to your questions and feedback.

We offer a warranty period that means if you find a bug we will fix it at no charge.  Our aim is to make this process as painless as possible and get you started on your new system quickly and easily.

Support Process

We don’t just leave you high and dry. We also provide ongoing support. We understand things can go wrong and sometimes process change. We are here for the future.

If you find that something needs a little fix or a little tweak or a small addition we will do it. Of course if you have a bigger change we will discuss additional costs to implement those changes.

The aim of our support is to keep you working as e-fficiently as possible.