Our Services

Ocom provides software development services for medium to large businesses. We not only build the software for you, we guide you through the entire process. Our teams are great at describing the entire process to you and helping you understand the process of software development.

  • Electronic Forms – Businesses run off forms, yet many businesses still use paper. We can help you eliminate the wastes of paper with electronic forms.
  • Document Management – We can also help you more efficiently manage your ISO 9000 Documentation requirements.
  • SMS Reminder Service – Need to remind your clients of their appointments, we have developed a solution for that.
  • Databases and Reporting – How do you store all the mountains of information for your Business ? With a Database. We can help your business track it’s KPI’s with KPI Reporting software. Or we can help you manage your custom data in a Custom Database.
  • Integration – There are significant gains in productivity when all your software works together. We have integratedAccounting Systems and Legacy Systems.