There are a number of reason we offer support to our clients. We try our best to always deliver a bug-free solution but unfortunately 100% bug-free is impossible.

The user might find a bug 8 months after they have started using the software, with a support contract we have promised to be there to fix it as soon as we can. We understand that without the software working properly you can’t work so we try and solve and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Sometimes technology changes. Software and technology evolve all the time. The browsers from 6 years ago (16 months ago!) are so different today and software that might have worked will no longer work. With a support contract, we can fix any minor issues that come up with changes in your environment.

If your solution is about compliance or your customer requirements, the rules might change. We will be there to make sure the software now works with the new rules.

Software changes. All software systems use other systems. For example, the software might use a Database Server and might have an integration with another service. These might need upgrading for security reasons. We try and leave them as they are but sometimes it gets to the point where we cannot support the software without upgrading the code because we can no longer build the software using the Old tools.

Our support contracts are designed to reduce your digital debt.