There are risks in building a custom software solution. Some of them are listed below.

The solution takes longer to develop than originally planned. Sometimes the software takes a little longer to develop than originally planned because it’s only when we start coding we find all the complexities. It’s hard to think of everything on paper. Often a “simple task” takes an extra day or two because while it seems simple there are other factors we need to take into account that make it more complex. (See also  Why did the solution take so long to build?)

Sometimes we miss the point. Even with our extensive Blueprint process, we miss something. We have three meetings in the Blueprint process because there is always something that the client didn’t tell us or forgot. Or while working through the notes on the last meeting we realise there is a big hole.

The aim is to get as much detail from you as we can, but that is not always possible. We try and get as much as we can in the hope that if we miss the point we are not far off and we can change the solution. We have to meet your new criteria.

The solution might become obsolete. Unfortunately, technology changes very rapidly and software can become obsolete. This is a fact with all technology including Packaged solutions. We have worked with a number of our clients integrating with systems that are written in old outdated technology. Unfortunately, the cost to redevelop is too high so they continue to develop what they have.

The solution simply doesn’t work. We will work with you to make sure this doesn’t happen if it’s doesn’t work, we will fix it. We always have. We can’t imagine you will be happy with us if it’s not working right so we will fix it to make sure it is.