We like to think of Software development as a very Creative activity, the way we craft a solution can vary greatly. Some problems are very complex and require only complex solutions ie Machine Learning or Complex Calculations. However there is often an elegant way to build a solution that is both easy to use and simple to implement. We believe in looking for the simplest possible solution. We have found that it takes a special kind of person who can break complex problems into simple solutions. The simplest solution is always the best, it will be less likely to have Bugs and will work better all the time.

Every business we have dealt with is unique (even in the same industry) that is why they are in business to do things differently (better!) This means that every solution we develop is also unique. We handcraft each solution individually.

We liken Software development to building a House. When building a house you need plans before the builder can estimate the costs. The same with Software development. The first step is making the plans with the Architect that’s why we call our specification a Blueprint because it’s a plan of the software just like the plans for a house.

For example, if you went to the builder and asked, “How much to build a house?”, they might give you a price of between a few thousands and a few million. The reason is they have no idea how big a house you want. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Is there a pool?

The same for software we cannot give you an exact answer because we don’t know how large your project is until we have discussed the requirements and have drawn up some plans. We don’t know if you need a Shack or a McMansion.

Another factor that might affect the cost is the balance of requirements and the needs versus development cost. For example, you may want Gold Taps in your Bathroom but only have the budget for Brass. We look at your requirements and try to find a way to get you the sort of bathroom you want on the budget you have.

When developing a solution there are many ways we can achieve the same result. We will try and find the simplest solution that is flexible enough to grow with your business.

We have looked at previous projects we have implemented and have given a rough estimate of costs but your requirements will be different to our past experience so we can’t give you an exact cost until we have gone through our Blueprint development process (See our Process)

To get an idea of how much a project might cost based on our previous experience click here