Ocom Software can convert any form into an online electronic document, here are a selection of some of the document management services they can provide.


A. Electronic Forms of all types

Whether your employees are filling in timesheets by hand, or your customers are signing up for your service manually, or your accounting department are using forms for data entry Ocom Software can convert these into online applications speeding up the entire process and making it easier and more enjoyable for the user.


  • No more lost, illegible or damaged paper forms
  • The cost of storage and transport of paper forms is removed
  • Faster searching ability and reporting capabilities
  • Higher level of security for personal information

B. ISO 9000 Quality Documentation Management

The importance and sheer volume of paperwork the government or any governing body requires can be substantial and time consuming. Off the shelf products may cover some of the functionality you require but usually not all and come with a recurring cost.

Ocom Software can tailor a solution for your document management specifically for your needs by utilising open source products or writing a completely customised solution.


  • A faster and more efficient process
  • Fully searchable documentation
  • Secure and privileged access
  • No expensive licencing costs