Yes. We can build anything within reason. We can build anything but the more complex the solution the greater the cost so while you may want feature ABC, it might cost millions to develop.

What we try to do is find a way of getting similar functionality at a cheaper development cost, more bang for your buck.

For example, you might want a certain feature added to the software but it turns out it only saves you 10 minutes a year. The development costs would be far more than the saving in time, if we can identify that this is the case we will usually tell you and try and discuss if the requirement is really needed or if maybe a change we make to software might help in this situation that doesn’t cost a lot of money to implement.

Sometimes the client requests a feature added to the solution or a change we always try and find out Why? When we know why we can talk about other ways we might be able to solve the problem or assist that could be implemented quicker and provide more power.