Gone are the days when you had to do everything manually. Regardless if you are doing a chore, an errand, or a  business task, there is literally an app for everything. Thank heavens for the tech Gods and software development experts, we can use these apps to be more efficient in life and business. 

Of course, if you want to be more productive, you have to make the most out of these applications for business. Here’s a list of apps that you can use to run your business more efficiently and effectively:

  1. File Sharing Apps – This type of app is a must-have when sharing files with your team and your clients. There are a lot of existing apps that you can use like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. These apps also allow you to collaborate and edit the documents with a team member at the same time. 
  1. Time Trackers – These apps are perfect for managing your remote team members and tracking how long each task takes. You can use apps like Toggl, Time Doctor, Clockify, and many more. 
  1. Screen Sharing Apps – Screen Sharing apps are perfect for team training, tutorials, and troubleshooting. It’s a lot easier to show what you’re doing virtually than to type everything down. 
  1. Password Sharing Apps – Apps like LastPass, Dashlane, and OnePass allow you to share passwords securely within your organization. This is a great solution so you don’t need to keep and update a long list of passwords on a spreadsheet. 
  1. Project Management Tools – Keep track of your projects and collaborate with your team using project management tools like Asana, Trello, or Basecamp. Each tool has its pros and cons so you should find one that works for you and your team or better yet, have a custom made app that is tailored for your business. 
  1. Contract Management Software – Keep your contracts and signed documents in one place and organize them better using contract management software. These programs have tons of templates you can use and edit. Use these so you, your team, and your clients can securely sign contracts virtually. 
  1. Accounting Software – These apps will help you manage your invoicing. They also have a lot of templates you can use and other accounting functionality that can help save your time and effort.
  1. Point of Sale Software – POS apps allow you to set sales targets for your team, forecast purchasing trends and manage inventory easily.
  2. Video Conferencing and Messaging
    Keep a close communication with your team by using video conferencing and messaging apps like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Messenger. Each platform has a different interface so pick one that will work for you and your team. 

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