Building your own custom software for your business helps a lot in providing convenience for your clients and customers. Let’s face it – we’re living in a modern, tech-savvy world where almost everyone uses their mobile devices to navigate their lives and businesses. Regardless of your industry, you need to find a way to support your customers’ needs and be available in their most commonly used platform.

But before you get started on the app building process, you need to familiarize yourself with the process and team up with a company that you can trust. This is a vital stage because you need to work hand in hand with your developers. Your job is to communicate your goals and the dev team will then turn your concept into a functioning application. 

Here’s a list of things you need to consider when building your own custom software:

  1. Functionality

Before creating your software, you need to have a clear vision on what you want. Make a list of functionalities you want included and how you want to present the app. Think of your target audience / customer and how you want them to use your software. If you don’t have a lot of ideas, you can check out your competitors apps and list the things you like and you don’t like about them. That’s a great place to start. 

  1. Access to the App

Aside from the “WHAT”, you also need to know the “WHO.” Who is the app for? Are you planning on creating an app for your team only? Or do you want to have one that your clients can access? By knowing the answers to these questions, your app developers can have a clear understanding on what the app is about. 

  1. Platform that it supports

You need to know what platforms your app will be available on. Do you want it to be exclusively on iOs or Android? Or do you want it to be available on both? The answer depends on so many factors, but you have to know which platform most of your users will be using. 

  1. Infrastructure

Aside from the platform, you also need to consider the infrastructure or where your app will be hosted. The best way to go around this is to partner up with a hosting service that can host your app and its infrastructure. 

When looking for a hosting partner, you need to keep an eye on these 3 things: security, scalability, and reliability.

  1. Updates

Before having your app created, you need to make sure that you can easily update the content of your software. This part is usually neglected because people are more focused on the launch and the timeline. 

It is a crowded market. Chances are, your software can be downloaded once and never used again. You need to keep testing your content to know what’s effective and not. 

  1. Security

Make sure that your custom software is also safe and secured. Ask your development team who has access to the backend of your software. It’s best to make sure that you have a Non Disclosure contract to protect everyone. 

Aside from that, you should also ask your developers what measures you can take to make sure that your app is not hackable. 

  1. Time

Before you have your app built, you need to have a timeline. Make sure that it’s reasonable enough for the developers to finish the app. At the same time, you also need to consider the amount of time needed to set up everything – like submitting to platforms, and the marketing phase. 

  1. Marketing the App

Have a clear goal on how you want to market your software. But it’s best if you will market your app on your social profiles and website, as these platforms are already geared to target your audience. 

Are you ready to have a custom software for your business? Contact us now and we’ll help you decide.