Electronic Forms


Many businesses still have a paper based system which are often slow and cumbersome. We have helped one of our clients take a paper based system and streamline the process. Previously users where filling in little pieces of paper which was both error prone and some times illegible.

Custom Solution

We built an Internet forms application which allows the users to fill the forms in online. The accounts department then has a task list of forms to process which need to be entered into their legacy accounting software.

At the end of the day the accounts department generate a report listing the forms which should have been entered into the accounting software to reconcile with the accounting software.



  • No more illegible paper forms.
  • No more lost paper forms.
  • No more storage of paper forms.
  • No more lost time transporting paper forms.
  • Easier searching for forms online.
  • Instant submission of forms.
  • Browser based solution allows access from all computers.
  • Secure solution allows tracking of changes of forms.
  • Quick generation of reports.


  • Reports which reconcile with the Legacy Accounting System


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