There are a lot of software solutions available off the shelf that have been written that may do what you need. Sometimes these are written by people in your industry for themselves and they realised that it might be possible to package the solution up and resell it.

Solutions born from within your industry are great as they have been built by a company that uses the software and all the features exactly how they need them to be. This might work for your organisation. Essentially you are buying their “system”, the way their business works.

When evaluating these systems, check how things are achieved and make sure they fit within your organisation. Also, make sure the system covers most of what you do. It probably won’t cover everything but if it covers 80% of what you do, then you are on a winner.

Get your employees to give it a try and make sure it either works with your processes or you can adjust your process to work with how the software works.

We will use package solutions as part of our solutions when appropriate for example we would recommend we integrate with an Online accounting system like Xero if for example raising invoices is part of the requirements because the cost to develop all the functionality to support the accounting requirements are much more than the original software and it makes sense to use something that already works.

However, we are in the business of Custom software because we believe that the most efficient solution is a custom solution. We believe in delivering 100% of your requirements and having the software work the way you want it to and not making YOU work the way the software works.