Our first response is “We don’t Know.” We usually don't know how complex the solution is just yet we need to know that first.

Clients often ask how much to add different functionality into their projects. 

For example, nearly all our projects have a list of Clients/Contacts/Customers (call them what you like). How much for it to keep a list of Contacts? The answer is it depends on what you want. For example, if your project really just needs to keep a list of Names and Addresses then it’s very simple for us to implement for you. However, sometimes that list of contacts needs to sync with your Accounting software or some other application or the clients will have access to the system so they too can see the data. That means your “contact list” is also a list of Users who have access to the system. As these requirements are discovered, the development time increases also as the complexity has increased.

The best way to get a real idea on cost is to speak to us and have that conversation about your needs and desires and at the end of the process we will come up with a solution and give you an idea on cost.

To get an idea of how much a project might cost to be developed based on previous experience