Clients often ask us if we have seen or used product XYZ. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to do surveys of existing Solutions unless we have to because our business is about creating custom Solutions that are specific to our customer’s needs.

Sometimes we have seen these products because one of our clients has mentioned it previously to us or we may have had a client who already uses that system and we have worked with it. We can certainly help you to evaluate that system for your business if we know a little bit about it.

One of the greatest problems is there are just too many solutions out there and it would take an enormous amount of time to evaluate each fairly. We would rather focus our time on making sure the solutions we deliver are the best solution for our clients.

Often clients come to us because they have looked around and evaluated a number of products BUT they have discovered that they are lacking some functionality of feature that they really need. This is where we come in, we can build you a solution that does all you need.