The iOS platform was the first to revolutionise the phone industry. Practically inventing their own market which has been a huge part of Apple’s new found success, the iOS platform still remains to be a top performer. 
If you’re still wondering if it’s worth it to list your apps on iOS, you need to take a closer look so  you can decide. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages:
  • Very Popular
  • Apps on the iTunes Store have rigorous process for screening so quality is high
  • Walled Garden – Everything running on an iPhone is controlled by Apple. They advantage is that they can ensure a consistent experience on their devices however if your application doesn’t fit in with their agenda you cannot put your app on their devices. 
  • Have to pay 30 apple tax on all app sales. We cannot broadly release an app on the iPhone for free without going through the ITunes store. 
  • If you have an app for Private use then you still have to go through the Apple to install it on your employees phones.