In this modern day that we live in, we need to make the most out of the technology that is available to us. In fact, it’s not just enough to find ways on how we can work efficiently but to also look for methods on how we can make it easier for our customers to access our products and services. But the big question is – Do you really need custom software for your business? 

Before you make the decision to have a custom software built for your business, there are a lot of things that you need to ask yourself first. Here are some of them:

  1. What is the main purpose of creating the app?

The first thing you should think about when creating your own app is its main purpose. Why do you need it? Do you need it to create a more efficient workflow? Or do you need it as a platform to offer your product or services? 

List down the things you need for your app. You can browse and look for existing apps and check what other features you can add that are unique for your business. Another way is to list the common issues you are having with your team and how this custom app can help smoothen out your workflow. 

  1. Who do you need it for?

Before having an app made for your business, one of the first things that you should consider is the audience you’re catering to. Who do you need an app for? Do you need it for your team, for your clients, or for a specific target market? By knowing your audience, you can work with your software development team more efficiently by communicating the needs of your audience. 

If you’re looking to create an app for your team, you need to list down everything your team needs. Identify a problem that your app can solve that will make your team work faster and more efficiently. 

If you are planning to create a custom app for your clients or anyone else, it’s best if you do market research first. Find out what they want. Look for your competitors and check the features of their apps. Read reviews and learn how you can make yours better. 

  1. What is your budget?

Building a custom app requires time and of course, money. Afterall, it’s considered an investment. Before you have one built for your business, you need to have a budget.

Keep in mind that these software also come with rolling costs like software license, or additional hardware to ensure the effectiveness of your app. Many one off costs can also arise. These small and random roadblocks can add up and lead to a larger bill than you expected. 

It’s essential to work with a trusted software developer company and talk to them about your budget.

  1. Do you plan on scaling?

Using off-the-shelf software solutions may seem to be a better option especially to start up companies. However, if you are planning on scaling, building a custom software that is tailored to your business’ needs is more practical, efficient, and cost effective in the long run. 

These are just some of the main questions that you should ask yourself before you decide to have a custom software made for your business. Still unsure? Send us a message or call us to talk to our software development expert. We’re always happy to help.