Software Development

Why does it take so long to develop a software solution?

You would think that building software was as easy as pressing a button and there it is. Many people have tried and it’s never that easy. If we could do that we would be millionaires because we could generate solutions in minutes/seconds and everyone would be happy. Unfortunately, in the real world, it’s not like…

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How much for …. ?

Our first response is “We don’t Know.” We usually don’t know how complex the solution is just yet we need to know that first. Clients often ask how much to add different functionality into their projects.  For example, nearly all our projects have a list of Clients/Contacts/Customers (call them what you like). How much for…

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Custom Developed Software or Commercial Software: What’s best for me?

custom developed software

Choosing the right software for your business can be one of the most important decisions you make to position your business for future growth.  Do you buy commercial software or have custom developed software built for you? On the one hand, commercial software is all ready to go, but may not give you the flexibility…

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How Much Will Custom Application Development Cost Me?

custom application development cost

At Ocom, we take pride in the software solutions that we build and provide our clients. The savings in time and money our clients report back and the efficiencies that they see us deliver, make a huge difference to those businesses. Yet, when we first meet with potential new clients, they are often more concerned…

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