Do you struggle to keep track of the hours spent on a job? Do you struggle to keep your timesheet up-to date? Are you losing money because you have not kept track of the hours spent on a job?

Is Payroll struggling to process all the hand written timesheets? Are the timesheets going missing on the way to Payroll? How much time is being wasted chasing timesheets? How much time is wasted decoding the timesheets only to discover the form has been filled out incorrectly in the first place?

Are you managers struggling to approve all the timesheets? Is this creating a burden for management?

Are you still getting your employees to login to MYOB or Quickbooks just to use the timesheet application?

Do you need a Smart Online Electronic Timesheets System?

If you are service industry that bills on time and materials or simply need to keep track of your employee’s time you need a timesheet application. There are of cause many different versions of a timesheet, there are just as many implementations of timesheet software. We have implemented Online Electronic Timesheet tracking in many of our systems.

Some solutions are simple online forms in which the staff member fills in the timesheet then generates a report which is printed off. In this case the form is 100% legible because it’s printed; the existing process of getting sign off from the manager is still possible with the printed copy.

Below is an example of some of our online electric timesheet forms.

timesheet video preview