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Tablet Success Tool For Sales Professionals


Sales is a competitive industry and with today’s technological advancements it is imperative to embrace the latest mobile technologies to remain and flourish in highly competitive environments. That is why tablets are gaining a strong reputation as an effective sales tool.

With the right knowledge on how to use tablets, it can be a powerful productivity tool for any sales professional. A lot of sales professionals have actually experienced that by integrating technology into their sales process their sales did not only increase exponentially but they became relevant to their customer base who has also kept up with recent innovations.

Here are the stats that establish the effectiveness of tablets:

  1. According to Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, by 2013 “Tablet shipments are expected to grow 67.9 percent, with shipments reaching 202 million units.” (
  1. A recent 2013 AT&T survey says “More than two-thirds (69%) of small businesses surveyed indicate that they use tablet computers, a slight increase from last year (66%).”

“Findings indicate that the larger the business, the more likely they are to use tablets, with 90% of those with 51 to 99 employees using them, compared to less than seven in 10 (69%) of those with 50 or fewer employees.”


  1. In 2011, Huthwaite Global Survey the world’s leading sales performance improvement organization surveyed more than 8500 sales mangers, directors and associates in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Asia and found out that 70.1% of sales professionals with a company-issued tablet hit their sales targets in a given period as compared with 62.5% overall sales. Additionally, 90% of those surveyed attests that mobile devices improved their productivity as tablets allowed them to focus on their buyers rather than search for information while 46.5% said the main benefit of having a tablet is faster communication.
  1. Independent Technology and Market Research company, Forrester Research reported that tablet shoppers convert to a higher rate and are more likely to place larger orders that those shopping on other devices. (
  1. In March 2012, Whereoware found out that tablet traffic had grown by 127% in the previous six months in terms of collecting data from its stable of B2B clients. (
  2. iPads has been adopted by a majority of Fortune 100 companies while over  two-thirds of manufacturing companies are also using them.
  1. In May 2013, Corporate Executive Board cited that “By November 2011, 10% of adults in the United States owned a tablet and that number almost doubled in three months, by January 2012.  And tablets are not just gaining speed in the US.  Over 7% of the Eurozone adult population now own a tablet and over 8% of Canadian adults own tablets.” (
  1. In the 20102 CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study it was stated that 97% of firms are actively using or starting to use tablet devices in their sales organization. The 2013 Study shared that tablets continue to be important: the majority of CSO’s, about 76 percent, perceive that mobile CRM improves the performance of the sales team. (,d.aGc)

Ways tablets can make sales professionals be more effective:

  1. Tablets are portable and can be carried to anywhere the customers are. All it needs is Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G LTE connections which are readily available.
  2. Using tablets assures information on-demand. Sales professionals can instantly access marketing or presentation materials as well as real-time data.
  3. Tablets have applications that allows sales professionals to place orders, monitor inventory, track shipping or answer queries even if they are in the field.
  4. Bulky catalogs and printed marketing materials is replaced by full-color catalogs that can be easily accessed and viewed in a tablet.
  5. Several apps for animated demos, slideshows and videos on tablets is more engaging than white papers or price sheets.
  6. Pre-installed presentations can be adjusted or enhanced in a tablet according to its relevance to a particular client.
  7. Tablets can connect you with your team faster. As selling is a team sport and information must be shared as soon as it is received, using tablet when doing business with a client guarantees that you stay connected even when you are out of the office.
  8. Tablets make it easy and quick for sales professionals to view, track and manipulate data without having to return to the office. By doing so, they can focus more on customer interaction and dedicate more time to being efficient and productive.

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