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Workflow Automation and Management

Workflow Automation and Management

Workflow is a term used to illustrate the tasks, procedural steps, groups or people involved, required input and output information, and tools needed for every step in a business process. You can either have a simple workflow that involves a single person or it could be a complicated series of processes that requires more work force.

The addition of forms to workflows enables you to make your workflows more dynamic and flexible. The workflow decides in which order each form must be filled out and provide added configuration options, allowing data to be passed between forms.

For example an employee would like to order office supplies; he or she fills in a basic internal order form and sends it to the manager for approval. The manager then decides whether he approves the order form, denies it or it needs modification. If the manager disapproves the request the workflow process ends. If he wants the form modified, an email is sent to the employee and the workflow will restart.  But if the manager approves it, an email is sent both to the employee and office supplies department. The office supplies department will then provide the employee the supplies he requested and the workflow process end.

Additionally, workflows go beyond email and take simple marketing automation to the next level, permitting you to send emails, update contact information, add or remove contacts from lists, and activate email notifications.

Workflow Software vs. Paper Forms

The disadvantage of paper forms is that the task is carried out manually and you need to put more effort while carrying it out. Plus it is not just hard to track but time-consuming and expensive as well. Forms with workflows on the other hand transforms traditional paper-based processes into secure and collaborative forms that are easy to use and can be instantly retrieved.

Managing Workflows

There are a lot of things that can impact your businesses deadlines like inaccurate reviews, delayed approvals, or people not following the process. That is why your workflows must have a management system. The benefits of workflow management are:

  1. Automation of common process like drawing reviews and approvals.
  2. Enables drag-and-drop creation of new workflows.
  3. Sub and parallel workflows are easy to set up.
  4. Review processes that can run concurrently across multiple reviewers.
  5. Flexibility to save time by assigning or omitting workflow steps.
  6. Placement of internal and cross-company processes to lessen confusion and boost consistency.
  7. Adherence to agreed procedures and compliance.

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