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Technical Debt

Technical Debt

What is technical debt? Technical debt is a metaphor that refers to anything that could happen in the future as result of inadequate or incomplete artifacts in the software development cycle. The business may have short term benefits when it incurs technical debt like reduction of development time and effort, but this may end up to getting higher costs yet poor quality in the long run.

As technical debt otherwise known as “design debt” or “code debt” has the word “debt” in it, some people think that it should be dealt with and thought of likewise. This way it could be easier for technical people to expound the meaning of technical debt to business owners, clients, stakeholders or any non-technical people.

What are the causes Technical Debt?

  • The first common cause would be business pressures. Some clients would give a short time frame for a project that needs to be done. Because of this the software development team is unable to do all the right process that is required for software development which would eventually lead to the buildup of technical debt because of the uncompleted work.
  • Some businesses are blind to the idea of technical debt. They do not have proper understanding to what technical debt really means thereby making decisions without considering its implications and ends up to incurring significant debt in the future.
  • The software that is used is hard-coded and nonflexible which makes modification hard, much worse impossible.
  • Parallel development is the need for separate development paths to move away from a common starting point where new development is carried on. This may cause additional debt when changes are done remotely.
  • Delayed Refactoring. As refactoring changes the internal structure of a software system or cleans up its source code, any delay in refactoring can cause more debts to pile up.
  • Software that was once leading edge being left behind because it has not been updated.

How can custom software help in dealing with technical debt?

As custom software is specifically developed for each customer and addresses their particular need and preferences like technical debts issue, they will not have to worry about missing deadlines or the need to pay off their debt. We offer maintenance contract so your investment in software never goes out of date, therefore solving your technical debt problem.

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