KPI Reporting


KPI reporting is an essential part of running a business that many businesses expend a lot of time on. We can streamline this process for you. We have already done this for one of our clients, in the past a manager was spending 2-4 hours of the day entering data in to an Excel Spreadsheet then summarizing the spreadsheet using calculations which were too complex for the user to implement in Excel. Occasionally the data was incorrectly entered or the calculations completed incorrectly therefore the manager had to diagnose what was wrong with the data or the manual calculations, costing more time.

We developed a custom solution that allowed them to quickly and effectively enter data into a single database. We then created a number of KPI reports from that data.



  • Reports can be generated in seconds not hours therefore saving time and money.
  • Data is entered into one place and multiple reports are generated from that data.
  • Data validation ensure consistency of data.


  • Multiple Reports are generated in Excel.