Legacy System Integration


One of our integration projects involved extracting data from a legacy database to a modern day system. We created a solution which extracted information from the old system and created a set of files which could be imported into the new system.

As the old system had been around for a long time, it had a lot of old and incorrect data, for example phone numbers with only 7 digits. While creating the extract file to be imported we also create an excel report which the users can use to manually clean up the original database before it’s imported in to the new system. We also do some cleaning of the data before exporting it, which reduces the amount of manual clean up required.


  • The entire process can be run in less than an hour compared with the man days or years required to re-enter the data manually.
  • The Cleaning Log assists the users with cleaning their database while also highlighting the information in need to attention.


  • The File to be imported into the new system
  • A Cleaning Log which shows the information cleaning required.

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