Although Ocom Software provide customized solutions unique to your business, here are a selection of just some of the integration services they can provide.


A. Integrating accounting software with customer databases

Ocom Software has supported several businesses to integrate their accounting software with their customer management databases to create a more automated process for recurring invoices and bills.


  • Recurring monthly bills and invoices raised automatically
  • Customer management database updated automatically
  • No more double entry of customer information into each system

B. Creating a custom interface to Quickbooks or MYOB

Accounting software such as Quickbooks and MYOB is an out of the box solution that is designed for business in general. Ocom Software can create a custom interface to make the user experience more enjoyable and more efficient by integrating it into your business.


  • Quicker accounting data entry
  • More efficient data entry process
  • Customised to your business

C. Importing data from legacy systems to new systems

Often it is necessary to upgrade to a new database system and it’s difficult to extract the data from the legacy database and transfer it to a modern day system. Ocom Software can help you with this process by creating a set of files which can be imported into the new system seamlessly. This is also an opportunity to clean up any old data before it is entered into the new system.


  • The entire process can be run in less than an hour rather than days or weeks with manual data entry
  • The Cleaning Log can assist users to clean up their database
  • The process is safer than a general database integration because it is customised to your customers data

D. B2B Connecting disparate systems between two businesses

Ocom Software can create solutions to integrate business to business transfer of orders and receipts between two disparate systems and many other options.


  • More time efficient than manual transfers
  • Increases sales between businesses
  • Easy and enjoyable for each user