Customer Relationship Management


Nearly every business has a customer database, it could be as simple as a list of customers to a proper CRM which fires off notification emails to the customers or raises bills in your accounting software. Usually the customer database is a central part of your operations.

One of our customers needed a Customer Relationship Management system which would be a central part of their business. They surveyed the existing range of packaged solutions and while most of them preformed 80% of the task, they missed the other 20% that was unique to their business.

When they contacted us we sat down together and determined their needs and assessed the possibilities of customizing an existing package or writing their own custom solution. To create a unique solution for the customer we created our own Customer Relationship Management software which implemented the functionality they needed.

We delivered an Internet based system in which their users and can enter all the customer information and this information is shared by all systems such as the accounting software.



  • There is no need to enter the information twice.
  • Emails are automatically sent to the client without user interaction
  • All the information is available from the one source.


  • Emails with Invoices attached sent to clients.
  • A report of current customer accounts

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Please see also some examples of Customer forms we have created here.