How much for …. ?

Our first response is “We don’t Know.” We usually don’t know how complex the solution is just yet we need to know that first. Clients often ask how much to add different functionality into their projects.  For example, nearly all our projects have a list of Clients/Contacts/Customers (call them what you like). How much for…

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How much will the software cost?

We like to think of Software development as a very Creative activity, the way we craft a solution can vary greatly. Some problems are very complex and require only complex solutions ie Machine Learning or Complex Calculations. However there is often an elegant way to build a solution that is both easy to use and…

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Build Me An Excel Spreadsheet (I Don’t Need Custom Software)

What's Wrong with an Excel Spreadsheet

Many small businesses use Microsoft® Excel, since they are often familiar with it, like it and it comes as part of the Microsoft® Office 365® Suite of programs. Using spreadsheets is an ideal way to gather and store a variety of data for simple applications.  Excel also allows quite extensive analysis and reporting of the…

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Custom Developed Software or Commercial Software: What’s best for me?

custom developed software

Choosing the right software for your business can be one of the most important decisions you make to position your business for future growth.  Do you buy commercial software or have custom developed software built for you? On the one hand, commercial software is all ready to go, but may not give you the flexibility…

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How Much Will Custom Application Development Cost Me?

custom application development cost

At Ocom, we take pride in the software solutions that we build and provide our clients. The savings in time and money our clients report back and the efficiencies that they see us deliver, make a huge difference to those businesses. Yet, when we first meet with potential new clients, they are often more concerned…

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How to Improve your Business Efficiency Ratio

I found this on Wikipedia. Don’t ask me how I got there only my Browser history can tell me how I started on one topic and ended up there. So for those that didn’t read the Wikipedia page, your efficiency ratio is your expenses/revenue ratio. The higher the ratio the healthier the business. There are two ways you can…

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How to and Why Use Cashbook

Why use a Cashbook? Cashbook is actually a simple record in which business can record all payments made as well as income received. In the past, cashbooks were either hand-written books or spreadsheets on a computer. Today, due to technological advancements cashbook is now available as a computerized system. Cashbook is used by business owners…

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A Beginner’s Guide to CRM Systems

Customers are extremely valuable to any company. Without them, it is challenging to keep a business afloat. You may not realize it but your company exercises customer relationship management on a daily basis — from answering calls and responding to emails all the way to delivering products and gathering feedback. However, this is only the…

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7 Evernote Tools to Make You More Productive

We can all agree that Evernote has made our lives better. This nifty free app has revolutionized the way we go about our daily tasks. From simple reminders to full-on to-do lists, Evernote has given us a reason to do more in less time. There are over 150 million Evernote users worldwide, even marketing guru…

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