Accounting Software Integration


Most modern businesses use an Accounting software of some description, some of these organizations also have a separate customer database. Ocom has helped a number of organizations to increase their productivity by integrating their accounting software with their other databases.

One of our customers required a custom CRM solution, as part of that solution we needed to raise invoices and process bill payments. We used an existing accounting package to implement the accounting features required by the software, by using an existing package we are able to provide full accounting reports and functionality in a shorter time and with significantly less cost.

Our CRM solution had all the information recorded so that it could automatically raise monthly invoices to customers and raise monthly bill to suppliers into the Accounting software from its central database. All with out user intervention.
Accounting Solution Workflow


  • Recurring monthly invoices raised automatically
  • Recurring monthly bills raised automatically.
  • The accounting software’s customer database updated automatically
  • No need to re-enter information into each system.


  • Complete accounting reports taken care of by trusted accounting package

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